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Sewer System Cleaning in Regina

Our team at Queen City Sewer Service in Regina has broad experience in a range of services related to both commercial and residential sewer systems and septic tanks. No matter the scale, we have many capabilities to get your system back in working order immediately. Browse the list of services below and contact us to request a consultation!

Vacuum Truck Services

Sewage Truck

The Queen City Sewer Service fleet includes heavy duty vacuum trucks to meet you wherever you are. Our vacuum truck services are quick, simple ways of clearing out your sewer and septic systems. The vacuum is a high-powered system that can easily get into smaller spaces to suck out a full tank or piping system. We will take the collected material away from your site and make sure it is disposed of properly.

Queen City Sewer Service is The Little Guy. No matter the issue, we will take the extra time to provide you with the ultimate solution to get your sewer system back up as soon as possible. We offer cleaning, troubleshooting, replacements, and repairs. Give us a call today and let us do it all!

Shop Pit and Traps

Establishments such as car washes and auto shops have pits and traps to safely drain oil, grease, sand, grit and other unwanted materials. Everything is collected into a large container, often underground, to keep it away from the working space, products, systems, etc. The collection pit or trap should be cleaned regularly to ensure it continues keeping your business or other environment clean, safe, and efficient.

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own a restaurant or other building that requires a grease trap, we have the equipment and expertise to clean them out for you. We understand a buildup or breakdown can slow (or even stop!) your business, and we are dedicated to making sure you don’t experience a grease trap break any time soon.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Repairs

Queen City Sewer Service specializes in septic tank cleaning and repairs to your pump. These services are available for both residential and commercial septic systems. Our fleet of vacuum trucks, sewer jets, pressure washers, and other equipment will efficiently get everything flowing and functioning properly once again.

If you are experiencing any trouble with your septic tank pump or even flooding, be sure to call us right away. It is important to get a professional to look at your system as soon as you sense something might not be working right.

Sewer Jet

Sewer jets are flexible, mobile hoses and machines that provide high-pressure cleaning for drains of all applications. Our fleet of equipment includes professional jets that can clear out obstructions in residential, commercial, municipal, and other large scale sewer system drain pipes. These tools will effectively get your drain unclogged and working again as it should.

Hot or Cold Pressure Washing

Pipe Maintenance

Pressure washing is a powerful, effective way to clean out drains and other piping in sewer systems of all types. Sewer lines can get clogged with waste or general buildup, and our pressure washing services will get the job completed in no time. We offer hot or cold pressure washing; it is entirely up to your preferences and requirements.

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